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Everything written on this site is my own personal view and not that of any organisation. 

Various names, places and dates may have been changed to save identifying the guilty and innocent. 

What is happening in the Policeing world
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What has been happening in the world of Policing recently?

Shenanigans. don't say anything

They say that fact is often funnier than fiction. 

My life as a Police Officer
My Police Life

After 30 years Policing I have so many stories to tell.

Real life Policing

Policing is not a job, it is a way of life. This site is here to give you a window into that life. It will make you laugh out loud, cry, feel despair, fear and happiness. Things that every Police Officer goes through every day of their career. 

We want your contribution

We all have a interest in the way our country is Policed and your views are important. Why not get involved and leave a comment or send in stories you want others to know about?

About Me

After 30 years working in various specialised departments in the Humberside and Metropolitan Police forces there is little I have not experienced or seen.

Now retired I do not miss the circus but I do miss the clowns.

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