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This page shows recent Police related news stories. I value any comments on the stories and if there are any subjects you would like covered, I am only a message away. 

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Darling It’s Time To Die

For all the men and woman who have given their lives for you and me to have our tomorrows. Darling, it's time to die......
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Police Angel

God created the Police

When God was creating Police Officers an angel appeared besides him and said; “Boss, you appear to be having a bit of trouble with this one.”
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Am I racist

Are the Police Racist.

I joined the police and became institutionally racist without doing anything. It was not like driving where you had to pass a test.
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Police officers and rioters

Believe in Police Officers

Once in a while, amongst the smoke, mirrors and chaos someone stand up and makes a speech about police officers which really means something.
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Officer assaulted with machete

Police Officer attacked with Machete

**WARNING** Contains graphic photos of an injured police officer being attacked with machete and using a taser.
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Dixon of Dock Green saluting

To the Rookie from the Old Sweat

To the Rookie... As you sit there and call me the dinosaur, the old man, dead weight, drunk, addict or useless know this:
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Police searching black youth

Police Stop & Search

What is the truth behind the "Stop and Search" statistics. Are the Police being racist or is there more to it?
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Police protectors

Protecting the Police

What is a day in the Police like and who is protecting our Protectors? Take a look at this video and find out.
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Haka at Police Funeral of Matthew Hunt

Police Haka Funeral

Matthew Hunt was gunned down protecting the community. His Police family give him the best possible "goodbye" with the Police Haka.
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