Man cleared of attempted murder as officer hacked to the head

Police in Machete Attack

Cleared of Attempted Murder of Police with a Machete but…..


Lawyer wants the officer prosecuting for defending himself with a taser.

There are some things you read that make no sense what so ever. Whilst various groups scream and shout Police brutality they produce no evidence of it. There is in fact so little brutality they have to ask for our police to be de-funded over a death that happened in another country. I doubt that many of you will even have seen this story which is not unusual. What you also do not see was reprisals, marches, officers asking for a symbolic gesture or violent protests. After all, the victim was white and a police officer.


A routine traffic stop

Pc Stuart Outten received horrific injuries from a brutal machete attack and saved his own life by using a taser to defend himself. He has to face a woke solicitor trying to prosecute him for using “excessive force”.

Rodwan hacked the police officer with a machete
Rodwan hit the police officer with a machete

What started out as a routine traffic stop for Metropolitan  Pc Stuart Outten and his female colleague soon turned into the worst possible nightmare. Muhammad Rodwan, 56 years, was driving a white van with no insurance when he was pulled over. Rodwan who has previous convictions for two other machete attacks and a rape refused to listen to the officers and tried to drive off.

Pc Outten tried to stop him leaving and was punched by the driver in the face. The officer told Rodwan he was being arrested for the assault. Rodwan then grabbed a two foot machete from inside the van and launched a horrific attack on the Metropolitan police officer. He repeatedly hacked at Pc Outten with the blade causing deep, life threatening wounds to the officers head and arms. The officers only chance at saving his own life was to reach for his Taser.


A taser saved his life

injuries to police officer
Deep wounds to Pc Outten’s head

Pc Outten managed to take his taser out and fire it, stopping vicious, unprovoked attack and allowing him to restrain Rodwan until other officers arrived. He had been hacked at at least five times leaving him bleeding and with deep wounds to his head, face, arm and broken fingers.

Pc Outten saved his life and possibly the lives of others including his colleague by his quick thinking under the severest of conditions. Rodwan was taken to the Police station where he was charged, quiet rightly with attempted murder. Pc Outten was treated in hospital and has since been making a recovery.


The officer needs to be disciplined for use of excessive force.

You would think that the hero officer deserves to be praised and thanked and that would be where the story ends but no. Sophie Khan, a solicitor who advertises herself as a taser lawyer and is involved in groups complaining about Police wants to take the matter further. She accuses the officer of using “excessive force” on her innocent client who was only “defending himself”. On Twitter she has questioned why the Metropolitan Police have not brought disciplinary action against the Pc Outten for assault on Muhammed Rodwan!


I was fighting for my life

open machete wounds to officer
Deep machete head wounds

Pc Outten said, “On that night I was just doing my job, doing what I’m trained to do, but more importantly making sure I didn’t die, because that was a distinct possibility had the attack carried on. Once he’s started hitting me in the head with the machete, then I realised it was escalating very quickly and I was having to now fight for my life.”

Ms Khan has claimed that the officers use of the Taser was unnecessary and that there remains a risk to the public by misuse of the Taser. She stated that Rodwan’s civil liberties had been violated and the officer should be placed under investigation.

No action has been taken against the officer.


Not guilty of attempted murder

Ms Khan represented Rodwan at court. A jury’s decision is sometimes an enigma but they are there to make that decision based on what they see and hear. In this case they found Rodwan not guilty of attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon despite the officers dire life threatening injuries that took five months to recover from. He was found guilty of the lesser charge of wounding with intent.


My life is worth more than his

The judge ruled that Rodwan’s history of violent previous convictions was inadmissible and was kept from the jury. He also said “My life is worth more than his life” and insisted he had the right to kill the officer.

The Metropolitan Police have said that the body cam evidence has been examined and clears Pc Outten of any wrong doing. No action will be taken against him.

Met Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh said,

This police officer stopped a man lawfully and politely asked him to get out of the vehicle because he did not have insurance. He responded by getting out a machete and brutally attacking him and my colleague very nearly lost his life. If it wasn’t for that Taser, he would have died. These comments are utterly despicable – she is not only inciting violence, but she is condemning a hero who detained a dangerous offender while he was fighting for his life.”


The judge sums up

Mrs Justice Carr found Rodwan to be a dangerous offender as she jailed him for 16 years, with a further three years on extended licence.

Machete used in attack
The weapon used in the attack

She said: “This was a brutal and shocking attack with a machete on a police officer carrying out his duties during what should have been a routine stop of a van to investigate whether you were properly insured.

“I’m sure the violence started with you when Pc Outten blocked your attempt to close your door.

“I reject the unattractive submission that he was using excessive force in circumstances when you had assaulted him and forcibly resisted arrest.”

She said Rodwan deliberately picked up the machete “in a rage” when all he had to do was to stop resisting arrest.

Pc Outten showed “considerable presence of mind and fortitude” in Tasering his attacker, despite his injuries, she said.

The judge told Rodwan: “I detect not a shred of remorse or insight on your part, but rather belligerent arrogance, typified by your comment when charged that your life was worth more than that of Pc Outten.”

So another brave police officer is badly assaulted just because he is doing his job. It is something we are seeing more and more. What are your thoughts and when can it ever be right to attack a police officer with a machete?


Video of machete attack can be distressing

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