True life is often funnier.



In every Police Officers career they see things that leave you open mouthed and lost for words.

There is no doubt that these real life happenings are far funnier and far stranger than anything made up. I call these “Shenanigans” and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.

If you have any “Shenanigans” please send them to me. 

attorney and court

The Attorney and the Brain

There are some wonderful exchanges in court between an attorney and a witness. This has to be the best one I have seen.
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Zoo Parking

Zoo can have money too

How can you make five million pounds from nothing with a little help from a Zoo.
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Speeding ticket.. catch me if you can

It does not matter what you do but you are never going to catch us and issue a speeding ticket.
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Police harassing the public

Police Harassment

Why do Police officers harass you when they should be out there catching rapists and murderers?
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Police Fails

Police Fails

Nobody likes to see the Police failing.. or do they. Have a look at the video and let me know your favourite.
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drunk drive face

Drunk Test

How can the Police tell if you are drunk and driving. Look at the video and see if you could tell if they are drunk.
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Goat arrested by Police

Goat Arrested

The Police have arrested a goat after it was involved in a robbery.
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